Cooktop & Stove Repair

stove and cooktop repairWe all known how important are ranges for cooking – we can bake a nice holiday pie with a working oven, but do not forget that most food is cooked on top of a stove in a modern household! Naturally, a single broken knob or a malfunctioning gas burner wouldn’t give you much of a trouble, but the things get more complicated if the whole rangetop shuts down, or if the igniters stop working completely. Luckily, while most of cooking and especially gas appliances are pretty sturdy as they have to withstand high temperatures, most stove and cooktop-related issues can be fixed within a single visit!

Moreover, in fact, it is important to repair your appliance as soon as it starts malfunctioning, without postponing the repair. The gas burners tend to break rather often – especially when it comes to old, 15-20 year old appliances. A lot of our customers simply ignore these problems, until their last burner breaks down and they have to invite a technician – who, naturally, most likely won’t have 4 spare burners that will fit your stove model in advance.

Most Common Stove Problems

Of course, when it comes to range- and cooktops, the most common problems are related to gas burners and electric elements.

  • Broken knob, broken controls. Sometimes the problem can be as simple as replacing the knob itself, however, the problem can also lie deeper – in the broken control panel or in the malfunctioning gas valve.
  • One or several gas-burners have no gas.
  • Gas leak. Make sure to call the gas company first, before you invite a repairman – we will be able to fix your appliance only if the gas company makes sure the leak is coming from the appliance and not the piping!
  • One or several heating elements are not heating up.
  • The appliance doesn’t turn on at all.
  • The igniter either doesn’t work or fails to ignite the gas.

Repair your appliance today – even if you encounter a problem with a single burner! One issue can lead to another, and it is often cheaper to prevent a problem than to fix your appliance afterward!